Friday, November 01, 2019

Music Metaphor #1 - Driving over Potholes

  When one is driving a car down the road, occasionally there will be potholes in the path. If you are lucky, you can see it coming and avoid driving over it. Should you drive over the pothole, do not hit the breaks or turn the wheel suddenly, just continue driving. Most of the time, you and your vehicle will be just fine and you may continue driving as if nothing happened. Occasionally, the pothole is large enough that it could cause some damage...a blown tire, or damage to the shocks. You may still be able to drive, but you will want to work on fixing those issues as a top priority. Under no circumstances is it necessary for you to stop the car, back up and try to avoid the pothole in a second attempt. It is best to continue driving and stay aware of any upcoming potholes.

Now, do the same when you perform music. The road is the music you are playing, the instrument is your car, and the potholes are the inevitable mistakes. When you make a mistake, keep playing. Stay straight, focused on staying in the music and moving forward. If the mistake is so bad it knocks you out of the flow of the music, you need to address it and keep playing, but remember that the music itself does not change course or stop flowing. Learn to stay in the flow of music no matter what potholes come your way. As you keep driving forward, you will get better at avoiding potholes, and not letting mistakes knock you off our path.