Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Unit Lesson Plan - Music of World Religions

This is a lesson plan I created for middle school students that corresponds with a unit study about world religions. I have not done this yet. Keep in touch and I would be happy to let you know how it goes...

Music of World Religions
Unit Study in Music
1:45-3:00 pm
Religious music (also sacred music) is music performed or composed for religious use or through religious influence.

Unit goals: To recognize and reflect upon religious and sacred music as it is practiced throughout the world. To produce an original piece of music that reflects your study into sacred music, (as outlined below)

Project guidelines:
Step one:  Study and reflect upon religious music from at least 3 different world religions. This will be done in the form of a 3 part assignment.
  • Part one: Join the newly formed Music Discussion Group.
  • Part two: Select 3-5 styles of music from different religions, find examples on youtube and write a response to the music. Include in your response a link to the piece of music you are writing about.
  • Part three: Respond to 3-5 of someone elses links.

Step two:  Create a plan of action.  Submit the plan by e-mail to Mr. John for approval.
  • Choose your theme/topic/idea and articulate it in words.  This must include:
1. Your project idea
2. The steps involved in getting it done (this may change as you go, just do your best to describe the process you will take to create the project)
3. A description of what the end product will be.
4. A plan for presenting your idea.

  • Examples of Projects:
1. Create an original piece of music using multitrack recording.
This can be done using the sound lab, (training is needed), or
another recording device.  Completed recordings will have the option to be included on the GLTW C.D. at the end of the year and made available online.
2. Compose an original piece of music using a music notation
You will use a notation program like Sebelius, Muse Score, or
Finished products will then be dispersed among the necessary musicians and performed as part of the final presentation.

Step three:  Create, make decisions and produce a high quality product.
This is the bulk of your work. Mr. John will be available to help along the

Step four: Present the project.  Presentations will happen on Wednesday February 13th.

To get you started:
These are some musical styles used in various religions. This is a very abbreviated list, please feel free to venture beyond the music listed here:

Christian: Hymn, Choral, Gospel
Islam: Nasheed,  Sufi music
Jewish: Piyyut,  Zemiros, Nigun, Pizmonim, Baqashot
Bhuddist: Honkyoku, Shomyo, Tibetian Chanting
Hindu: Bhajan, Kirtan
Shinto: Kagura

You may contact Mr. John anytime about your project:
Phone: 810-610-6581