Tuesday, August 09, 2005

No Los, More Gratitude, Student Recital, Goin Home

Hello again. It has felt like too long since my last entry. Let's see, the last time I wrote I was happy about the connection made between my student Nick and the band I just played with, Los Constantinoples. Well, the gig we were supposed to play was double booked, and we got the boot. These kinds of things happen when you work with no contract. So instead I got the night off, which I used to ride my bike around Ann Arbor. I think the connection is not lost yet either. I have a feeling this will come to pass again soon...
Two weeks ago on Saturday I played with Gratitude at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborne, MI. It was cool. We played in one of the confrence rooms for a Greek Orthadox church event. The crowd wasn't too lively, but the band was kickin', still using the energy created by the whole Mackinac, Life Fest excitement. We played with the family plus Guy, myself, Jacquie, and Cynthia. We got to do some of the cool gospel tunes that we did for life fest. I remember watching one of the servers dance as if she knew one of the tunes really well. I remember thinking that she must know the song because the band in her church playes it, and it gets the whole congregation dancing. I got the sense that she wanted to really get down, but was held back by her duties as a server. There wasn't much dancing, except when the Tahitian dancers took over for a set. All in all it was a good gig.
The rest of the week was spent getting ready for the student recital on Sunday. Posters, lessons, extra rehearsals, programs, phone calls, cancellations, etc. I had one show to play before the recital. It was down in Detroit at the Russel family's church. I was very happy to see where they went to church. I know how much of a part of their life the church is, and how it has helped them through some rough times. I was happy to play music with them there. I couldn't stay for the whole gig though, I had to make it to another gig at a house party in Bloomfield Hills. I wasn't slated to play it, but at the last minute it was found in the contract that their was supposed to be 5 musicians. Since the guy playing drums, Kelly, was also a pan player and singer, it was no problem for me to come up and play drums. Easy fix. The party was a lot of fun to play. We had Guy, Lamar, Kelly, Anthony, myself, and Charles even showed up for the last set. We got to play just about as loud as we wanted and the people at the party were really appreciative. It was the right kind of atmosphere for making some really good music. I was tired at the end though. The summer has been hot, and driving around in this heat takes it's toll. I was feeling it by the time I got home at 12:30 a.m.
The next morning I had to get up early to finish the programs and make all the last minute preperations for the student recital. Jody and I went down early so we could take our nephew Gavin to a kids open stage at Oz's. I wanted him to be able to perform and then check out what my students were doing. He was excited all day, and he really helped to keep me laughing and calm. What can I say about the recital. It was awesome. It was go great to see all the students with their friends and families together in one room, talking, laughing, clapping. I was a proud guy. The students did awesome. I will put up a place on my website soon so you can hear it.

This weekend I will be heading up to my hometown, Marquette, MI. I can't wait. Jody and I are taking Aniket, one of the tabla players from India that I play with. It should be a great time. I have got no gigs booked, but I am sure we will be playing somewhere. I hope you have a great weekend and I will write again soon. Thanks for reading.


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