Sunday, February 20, 2011

Every healthy music community needs a great show....

     Last night I played in a great show.  It was 2 inspired hours of music with 5 friends who all felt the same way I did.  We successfully shared our unique and joyful experience with an appreciative and welcoming audience. New ideas were expressed through the music and caused intense joy that was shared by everyone in the room.  When the show was over, there was no talk of mistakes, missteps, or miscues, only the most creative and exciting moments were reflected upon by everyone in the group.  We hugged each other, we smiled.  And we even made a little money, which went right into paying off our shared creative endeavors.
    This experience is why I play music, and why I feel blessed to do so.  I wish this kind of show on all of my musician friends.....keep playing, practicing, working, and loving what you do!  I also wish this kind of show on all of my music loving friends....keep going to see live music and come ready to share something special with the musicians. Come ready to share your love and passion for good music!
  Last night a healthy music community sat together and feasted on the fruits of creativity and hard work. It was a nourishment that came from the simple organization of space and time, and it goes straight to the soul. We owe it to ourselves to have this experience as often as possible.


Scott Brady said...

John, I often hear about athletes being "in the zone" when on the field, court, etc. Certainly musicians have those same experiences. What I felt at times for this performance was that THE AUDIENCE was in the zone! Is that weird? No, it was cool. Like something unseen had a remote control guiding us all through the music experience, both performer and listener. Okay, maybe that's weird.

John Churchville said...

Wierd, yes, but I think I know what you are getting at. Some call it the creative spirit. We, as performers, relinquish control of the music in order to move freely with it, (the spirit). It is like we all got on a raft going down a river. Everyone has a paddle, but we did very little steering. The water flowed strong, and it was an exciting ride!