Thursday, March 31, 2005

Journalism Class, big load

On Tuesday I played with Meeta Banerjee, Nidhip Patel, and Chaitanya Sampara at Washtenaw Community College. It was for a journalism class. We performed about an hour and then took some questions. It was set up by Deborah Pohrt, who is a freelance journalist in the Ann Arbor area. She has been helping me out a lot with promotion and the in's and out's of the journalism world. I had such a good time playing. I really enjoy playing with Meeta, and Nidhip. Chetainya is great to play with too, but he is a very busy guy right now. I believe he is going to U of M for his doctorate in engineering. Meeta and I are getting very geared up for the upcoming show at the Michigan Theater with the Michigan Pops. Things are so busy right now. Lots of exciting stuff, my mind has been racing lately. Jody and I leave for India in just two weeks!! I have an extremely heavy load of work right now up at UM Flint. Saxophone Jury, Percussion Jury, research papers, presentations....aaaaaaaa! It has been nonstop this whole month, but when I look at the calender in May, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Back to you soon,


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Anonymous said...

Its always to play with John.. But u always spell my name wrong :) .. I guess u'll get better the more you play with me..:))
Chaitanya Sampara