Wednesday, March 09, 2005



It is Wednesday and the smoke has begun to clear from a great weekend of music. I had a blast on Saturday at 10,000 Villages with Meeta, Nidhip, and Chetu. It was very relaxed and the music has never sounded so good. We were playing new stuff, reworking some of our favorites, and just having fun. I was bummed a little because I forgot to record, but there will be more performances like it in the future. Sunday was just great. It was the "Indian Classical Music workshop, a Vision of East Meets West". There were about 30 people at Oz's for it. We had food, some hands on learning, performances by myself, Meeta, Nidhip, Chetaynia, Jian (my first student in Ann Arbor), and the regulars from the hand drum workshops. There was a great response from everyone there. I am hoping to do more workshops like this soon. Also, this past week Meeta and I met with Chris, the conductor of the Michigan Pops, to talk about the upcoming show. We are all so excited about this project that we just get together and laugh most of the time. Chris has taken a Rag (Rag Yemen) that Meeta and I perform and orchestrated it using Finale (a music notation program). He played a bit of it for us on his computer and it sounds incredible. If you read this in time, the show is April 3rd, and tickets are for sale at the door.

Thanks for reading, and I will write again soon.


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