Friday, May 06, 2005



Well I am back, and I think I have officially shaken my jet lag, thanks in large part to the drum workshops on Monday. I was so happy to see a good turnout. That night I had trouble orienting myself back in the USA. This whole week has been a continuous dream. I am happy to say that I have been playing the tabla everyday, which was impossible with my schedule before the trip.
On Wednesday, my buddy Nidhip asked if I could come with him to do a 20 minute presentation on Indian music for a bunch of first graders. It was awesome to bring all of my fresh experiences out for sharing so soon after being back. The kids were great. It was interesting to see the contrast between the American students vs. the Indian students. The students here were as rowdy as could be when we got to the room. They settled right down as soon as the two grownups with strange instruments came in, just like they would in any country. What struck me was the diversity of the students. It really never struck me before how diverse the student body of an average Michigan school is. That is a huge difference from schools in India. I think it is the major contributing factor to the problems with discipline in American schools. Anyway, I am getting off on a tagent here, and I plan to post my entire journal on the blog soon anyway.
Tonight I will play with Scott and Paul, and possibly a new bass player at Cafe Felix in Ann Arbor. I have never gone to a gig being 3 weeks cold on my instrument. I am sure it will take a few songs to get into the swing again. I have had most of the morning to myself, so I will be rested up nicely. I look forward to it.

Thanks for reading.

p.s. I tried to get onto the computer one last time in Indore to tell you that we got to ride an elephant, but I never got the chance. Oh well.

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meeta said...

welcome back John! So an elephant huh? How did Jody do with that?