Friday, May 13, 2005

Right Lane Driving.


It has now been almost 2 weeks since getting on the plane in Mumbai. I have been having a lot of fun talking about my trip with friends and family. I have ecspecially liked talking with my Indian friends. I am so happy to have a much better understanding of where they come from. It has brought us all closer together. I have also really enjoyed being done with school, which is not totally true, I still have to perform a jury and take flute and oboe lessons, but my full time days are over. I now have my mornings to myself and feel like I live in my house again.
I have played my new drums everyday since being back. On Tuesday I played with Ashish, Aniket, Chetu, and Malvika at the Environmental Protection Agency in Ann Arbor. It was part of a series of lunchtime performances of South Asian music. Ashish, Aniket and I played as a tabla trio, and I must say, it has never sounded better. I always like playing during the day. While the sun is uphere is much more awareness and energy availiable to put into the music. We also got to practice the peice before the performance, which always helps. In addition, we are planning on playing the same piece at the Ann Arbor Book Festival on the 21st, so our heads are up. Funny things happen to music when you think that it is the last time you will play it. Having the perspective of another performance helps to keep things calm. Our performance wasn't perfect, but it was one of the first times we played without falling out of the pocket, which is a big step.
Later that day, Ashish had a freak frisbee accident and broke his hand, (insert new perspective here). I am sure we will still be able to play the show on the 21st without him, but it is never good to lose a teammate.
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