Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gearing Up and Winding Up


I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. I definitely took the time off to rest up and gear up for the last push before the big India trip. Lots of things are coming to a close in the next week. I have been taking 2 classes at Eastern Michigan University in Yipsilanti towords finishing up my teaching certification, (I will have 3 more next semester and that should be it!). The classes are basic conducting and violin. Because of the trip, I must take my final exams early, which is no fun, but a small price to pay. So this week I have been conducting up a storm and picking up the violin at least twice a day. Also, this coming Sunday is my student recital at Oz's Music Environment in Ann Arbor. 16 of my students will be performing on drumset, tabla, hand drums, and bells. I am very excited for it, but it is a lot of work. I want to record it and put it up on the web before I leave, so watch for it. And finally, I have been working with Go Like the Wind Montessori school in preperation for the year-end Christmas concert, which takes place the day after I get back from India. I have been preparing songs and getting the 4th-7th grade ready to perform. Going away for 2 weeks prior to the show is a definite disadvantage, but I am being covered by the other music teacher at the school, who happens to be Steve Osburn, the owner of Oz's Music. The last we met, the kids sounded good and I feel like it will be a fine concert.

I don't think I have written about the gig I played with Deep Blue at Cafe Felix in Ann Arbor the Friday before last. It was a special one because I brought all my recording equipment and tried to make a nice live recording. We usually record a nice demo at the end of the year, but this year it had to be bumped because of, you guessed it, India. It was difficult to get a nice mix while we played and I am not sure if any of it will make it on a demo, but it was fun to try and I am excited to try it again soon.

This coming up Friday I will be playing with the Gratitude Steel Band at some kind of world Christmas celebration at Wayne County Community College. This will be the last gig before India. Be sure to check the blog for updates and pics. I will try to update often, but internet access is not always easy to get to in India.

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meeta said...

hope you're getting excited about going to India. Less than a week away!!!