Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Indian Classical


Well, it is fitting that all my excitement for the upcoming India trip will be coupled with a good number of Indian Classical music shows in November. Actually I just played one of them this last Friday in Southfield, MI. with the ICMD crew. I was pondering the circumstances on the way to the gig...I, a U.P. native was on my way to an Armenien church to play Indian Classical music for a corporate event. In many ways it is a typicaly untypical scenerio. The show was a blast and they fed us some great food. It is always a joy to play with the ICMD crew. We are playing this Thursday at the League Underground club at U of M, and then we have a big show on November 13th. It is the official ICMD concert. It should be a good one. In the meantime I have been practicing and gearing up for the trip to Calcutta. Here are some pictures from friday's gig.

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