Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Recording at Big Sky and GLTW International Fest


This past weekend was a good one. On Friday I was back in Big Sky Studios recording with Dave Buehrer and Jon Carmona. We were recording 3 tunes for Paledave's upcoming album. I have been very into recording since moving to Ann Arbor. Mostly because I have been able to have my nice drums set up in my basement studio, (and not a cold garadge, like our last house), but also because I have had more opportunities to get into some nice studios. Big Sky is one of the nicest I have been to, and our engineer Greg really knew his stuff. The studio is literally about 5 blocks from my house, so it wasn't a far trek for my drums, which have not been out of my basement since the last time we were at Big Sky, (which, by the way, was the same weekend we moved to Ann Arbor!). For this session I really paid attention to how my drums were tuned. It made such a difference when I got the snare drum in tune with the key of the song. I have been aware of the importance of tuning my drums for years, but when you play a gig, the band changes keys way too often to make retuning practical. In the studio however, it is essential, and it sounds so good when you get it right. I am also very lucky to have such great drums to play with.

From the studio I headed strait to Go Like The Wind for their annual International Festival. Meeta Banerjee and I played Tabla and Sitar in the Indian room. Every room in the school was done up to represent a different country. As always, I had a great time playing with Meeta. We were so into it that I didn't take any pictures, and didn't get up to walk around and check out the rest of the school. When it was over my hands and brain were worn out from the long day of recording and playing. I am looking forward to some more shows with Meeta coming up in April, I will keep you posted!

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