Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Four World Music Lessons - Lesson 1 - Latin Percussion

Lesson 1 - Latin Percussion
The rhythms in popular music such as salsa, rumba, son, mambo, and Latin jazz are made up of many interlocking parts played by multiple percussionists.  In this hands-on lesson, students will learn about the instruments and rhythms that make up a Latin music percussion section. They will then perform together as a Latin music percussion ensemble.

I. Teacher guided listening/watching “The masters of Salsa”:
2. Charlie and Eddie Palmieri -
3. Rubén Blades -
4. Willie Colón (1978 Siembra w/Blades is called the best
selling salsa album of all time). -

Materials needed:
Instruments: conga, bongos, claves, timbales, guiro, maracas, cowbell,
internet access.
The Lesson
I. Group Lesson (10-15 min)
A. Teacher introduces the clave pattern.
B. Students clap and count the rhythm. 3-2 and 2-3 clave patterns.

II. Individual work (10-15 min)
A. Students will choose an instrument, look up the notation and watch a video lesson.
B. They will then learn how to play and count their part.
C. Students will then play and count their part for the teacher.  Once the teacher approves, students then move into group work.

III. Group work (30-40min)
A. Students will get into groups of 5-7 and learn to play their parts together.
B. Once the group is playing together, the teacher will then record the composite rhythm and the whole class will then listen back.  
C. If time allows, students may trade instruments and try other parts.

IV. Advanced work:
A. Find 5-10 examples of artists using these rhythms in their music, create a youtube playlist and share it on the google group.
B. Multitrack record yourself playing all of the parts and patterns, (Tip: use a click track to start!) Share it on the google group.
C. Compose a piece of music using these rhythms. Record it and share it on the google group.
D. Organize a presentation for Lower El. students, introducing them to these instruments and rhythms, (you may work with others on this one.)

Instrument Name
Rhythm Name
Notation Link
Video Lesson Link
3-2 Clave

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