Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Four World Music Lessons - Lesson 3 - Reggae

Lesson 3 -  Reggae
Reggae is a style of music that was developed in the 1960’s from Jamaica.

Materials - Internet access


Individual work
I. Use any resource available and respond, (in full sentences) to at least two of the
  following items:
A. What two styles of music did reggae come from?
B. Name at least 3 pioneers of the reggae style.
C. In what decade was reggae developed?
D. What are some important musical elements found in reggae?
E. Name the common instruments found in a reggae band?
II. Create a youtube playlist of some well known reggae artists.

Group Work
I. Choose one song from the list to work with:
A. ‘Stir it up’ - Bob Marley -
B. ‘Jamaica Nice’ - Yellowman -
C. ‘Blackheart Man’ - Bunny Wailer -

II. Listen to the song as a group and gather information for a report on the song. Your
   report must include the following information, you may add more information to your
   report if you like, but this is what is required:
A. The tempo
B. The drum-set rhythm, (be able to count it as a group).
C. The rhythm of the guitar.
D. The overall form of the music.
E. The lyrics
F. Name of the artist, song, and all the instruments in the band.

III. Report/Presentation
A. Presentations will be done as a group, participation from all group members is
B. Presentation must not be longer than 10 minutes, or shorter than 3.
C. A group discussion will follow all presentations.

Advanced Work
I. Choose a reggae song and perform it live for the class. This can be done as an
  individual or group.
II. Transcribe a reggae song on and share it with the class.

III. Go see a live reggae band/artist and report on the show.

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