Monday, April 11, 2005

Deja vu, Cookies and All...

Repetition in music is the norm. It is normal to have played a song hundreds, or even thousands of times. It is also normal to play certain musical ideas over and over, like when you are trying to develop a solo, or learning a trickey passage in a piece. There are some things, however, that are good to do only once, (like play at a mall in the middle of the night for 1200 girlscouts). Well, this past Saturday I found myself sitting in the same mall on the same stage with green vests adorned with hundreds of medals passing by in a blur. Earlier in the week when I called Charles to ask him where our gig was on Saturday, I literally thought he was kidding when he told me it was for the girls scouts again. We were to play from Midnight till 3 a.m. at a mall right next to the airport. My schedule is so busy that I did not have time to rest before the show, so I was pretty exhausted when it came time to play. It is funny, when you play music in that state of mind, you can wake up the next day and think the whole thing could have been a dream. I enjoyed myself. I remember laughing a lot, so that must have been good. I think it is funny that the girl scout gig will be the last one I play before heading to India.

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